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Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessments are the Foundation of Every School District’s Long-Range Plan

A facility condition assessment is imperative when creating a long-range facilities plan. To be an effective part of any master plan the assessment has to be comprehensive and at the same time intelligible to all your stakeholders.

A facility condition assessment allows you to get a full understanding of the physical state of your facilities including their structural soundness, building systems, energy efficiency, code compliance, repair and maintenance needs, and critical priorities.

Data that Speaks to All Stakeholders

After completing your facility condition assessment, our team provides transparent, easy to access, and understand data that speaks to all levels of stakeholders.

Including voting community members, the involved parent, who may not understand construction trades, teachers and administrators who fully grasp their school’s priorities, and legislators and public officials. We package your facility data in ways all of these constituents can understand.

Data that Actually Matters to Schools

We know that districts have grown accustomed to receiving facility assessments in a format that most people cannot readily understand, let alone use to identify facility priorities and make concrete plans.

Our assessment results are uploaded to our My Facility Informer (MFI) App that displays each building’s condition data in easy-to-understand visuals so that planners and the general public can understand each facility’s condition needs.

Introducing My Facility Informer

A modern way to approach assessing school facilities.

Keys to Our Facility Condition Assessment


Facility Condition Index (FCI)

Facility Condition Index (FCI) is a numeric score between 0 (perfect condition) and 1 (poor condition) which quantifies the condition of a site, building facility, or group of building facilities on the same site. To develop an accurate FCI, we meticulously estimate the costs associated with deferred maintenance at the building system and component level.

UniFormat Level 3 Standard Assessments

Our condition assessments are developed to meet and exceed industry standards.

Cost and Forecasting

We provide estimated repair and replacement costs for each building deficiency as well as geographic-specific and market-specific overall building replacement costs to help you prepare for and prevent unexpected expenditures.

We Keep the End Goal in Mind

From the beginning of our assessment through presenting end results, we keep one person in mind—the end-user. We deliver district-level summaries and a high-level view of the district’s most pressing priorities. Also, we provide facility-level views showing each facility’s overall Facility Condition Index (FCI). This gives your stakeholders an easy way to see which schools are most in need across the district.


Facility Master Plan

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Navigating Your Education and Facilities Planning Journey is No Easy Task.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

From initial assessment and planning, to project funding, to full program management – we’ll help you create a unified strategy to stay on track, and we’ll be with you every step along the way.


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