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A look at your past to better understand where you are going by examining facility conditions, educational adequacy, and building capacity.



Shaping your future by creating master strategies and studies that align your priorities with community needs.



Financing your future by communicating with your community, discovering new possibilities, and developing cost-effective programs.



Managing the facility and program projects from conceptualization through to completion.

Full-Scale Processes, Designed to Better Help You



Equity is meeting the needs where people are, for what they’re trying to do.

Equity means that options in a strategic climate will be based upon data that equally applied to all facets of the community while driving towards the vision developed by stakeholders in that community.

Equity means that all voices are sought, heard, and referenced in developing a planning process. We listen to our stakeholders to hear their stories to know where they’ve been and where they want to go before we begin any process.


Safety & Security

Student safety and security considers the whole day, every day of student need and threats from low-level risks that occur relatively frequently to the worst-case scenario that may never happen.

Safety and security does not allow a singular threat assessment to monopolize the plan but rather seeks to balance all known risks and ensures that the resulting plan creates an environment that students and staff actually want to be in while keeping them safe.



Transportation has implications for all your facility and capital plans.

Transportation is the logistical glue that keeps your school facility plans together.

Transportation directors should be included in all strategic planning efforts so that once a plan is complete it’s easily actionable.



Cooperative Strategies’ team of financial advisors are here to guide you towards the answers to questions local governments face every day.

We strive to help our clients efficiently manage their limited resources to meet their mission and provide for their communities. Our local governments are on the front line of the issues of the day and need the best thinking and tools available.

When serving as financial advisor, Cooperative Strategies endeavors bring a nationwide perspective with local expertise to customize solutions for our clients.

Condition Assessments

Condition Assessments

Understanding your facilities is a must as you plan for your future needs.

Condition assessments take a thorough look at all interior & exterior building systems; as well as all site items using UNIFORMAT Level III. Through our proprietary tool called My Facility Informer, Our assessment team will identify each facility to be assessed, noting the build year, renovations & additions, and any portables that may exist.

Our team also conducts safety, ADA, Information Technology, harmful substances, and indoor air quality audits as requested and will work with you to identify and prioritize your facility’s needs.

This complex information is broken down into an online dashboard for your community to view, making it easier to get the quality insight you need from your data.



The true capacity of your school depends not only on how much space you have but how and when you use it. At Cooperative Strategies we make complicated program and logistical factors easy to understand for all your stakeholders, guiding consensus-building exercises that lead to effective planning.

We can visualize your capacity through each period of the day, analyze strategies to improve efficiency and help your team reimagine the use of space and time. Simply put, a 21st Century facility operating with a 19th Century capacity model will not work as designed.

Our experienced team takes great pride in helping you define and create effective capacity solutions that support your educational goals.


Community Engagement

Community engagement is not a box that we check but a way that we plan.

Community engagement starts by building awareness of the challenges faced while receiving input on the vision for where the community is going and ultimately providing feedback on the ways to get there.

Community engagement for us, is communicating what we have done and getting folks on board with the challenges we’re facing and how to address them so that at the end of the planning effort the community is well aware of the plan, they helped to develop the plan, it is OUR plan that we built together.

Owners Representation

Owners Representation

Cooperative Strategies knows that you as an “Owner” have many other responsibilities to take care of in your current role. Adding a construction project onto your plate is just not feasible. Our owner’s representative team will serve as an extension of your staff throughout the entire project and beyond. By providing hands-on support, Cooperative Strategies will ensure your voice is heard throughout the visioning and design process as well as throughout the entire project.

Cooperative Strategies has you covered from start to finish:

  • Program and Scope Development.
  • Budget and Schedule Management.
  • Consultant Selection and Contract Negotiation/Management.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control & On-site Oversight.
  • Project Closeout and Warranty Support.

Our proactive approach to communication and team engagement will ensure proper support and execution of the project. Our team works diligently to mitigate issues early on which minimizes the risk that ensures a successful project is delivered to your team and community.

Master Plans

Master Plans

Master plans are holistic assessments of the district’s needs and the options that are developed.

Master plans promote equity and build data-driven options that move the district forward towards the fulfillment of its vision.

Master plans are designed to improve educational environments for all students by prioritizing the highest needs and finding the best ways to address them given the district’s restraints.

Introducing My Facility Informer

A modern way to approach assessing school facilities.

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