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My Facility Informer

Assessments for any skill level. Reporting for any stakeholder. Pricing for any budget.

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Finally! An All-in-One Assessment and Reporting Tool Built for Schools

My Facility Informer empowers your school district staff to assess your Capacity, Facility Condition, and Educational Adequacy right from the palm of their hands.

It curates the information in ways that speak to all of your stakeholders.

How Does My Facility Informer Work?

Designed by Professional Assessors for the DIY Users

Built from the ground up by expert school planners, My Facility Informer’s in-depth training videos and step-by-step instructions train your staff to assess your buildings. 

Collecting and Reporting on Facility Data Has Never Been Easier

  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Impactful surveys
  • Simple sliders to measure deficiencies
  • Guided levels of action for each deficiency to manage quality control and subjectivity

Prioritize Projects by Urgency, Cost, and FCI

My Facility Informer was created by school facility planners, for school administrators, with all school stakeholders in mind.

No overly technical data to break down for your communities. No getting lost in pages and pages of charts and cells—you control how your findings are presented.

Step-by-Step Training Videos

My Facility Informer’s training videos turn any school staff member into a top-notch assessor. 

Our online tutorials include the following:

  • Guidance on facility assessing
  • Tips and tricks
  • Use of the administrative porta
  • Full training on the reporting dashboard.


Capacity Assessments


Define Capacity Accurately and Equitably to Support Teachers and Students

My Facility Informer provides baseline standards for the programmatic capacity of a space and the standard square feet per student each space should provide.

Customizable Capacity Parameters for Local Relevancy

With our customizable baseline capacity inputs, your administrators can control:

  • Program capacity of each space
  • Square feet per student that should be available per space
  • Number of cohorts of students a space should support
  • Utilization factor (10% to 100%) to reflect how often a space is used
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Collect Capacity Data Alongside Condition and Adequacy Data

Once your parameters are set, My Facility Informer automatically generates each school’s program-based and square footage-based capacity as the assessors complete their work. 

The results and accompanying visuals are automatically uploaded to My Facility Informer.

Generate Reports by Campus Instantly

Instantly generate reports by campus detailing the square footage and programmatic capacity of each building and each room.

Condition Assessments

My Facility Informer collects data that actually matters to schools. They can complete surveys to help them audit school security, IT, ADA compliance, indoor air quality, and harmful substances. And they can do it in any language.

  • Facility Condition Assessments


    Assess over 150 major existing site and building conditions to identify deficiencies, maintenance and repair needs, and the current status of your building infrastructure.

    Includes major building systems, such as structure, HVAC, lighting, electrical, roofing, plumbing, etc. and minor systems like windows, doors, walls, floors, fixtures, and casework.

  • Safety Audit Assessments


    By-facility safety audits identify the presence or absence of key safety metrics like signage for restricted areas, adequate lighting, and surveillance.

  • Indoor Air Quality, IT, and Connectivity


    Assess the air quality, IT infrastructure, and connectivity capabilities at each school site. Identify harmful substances such as lead, asbestos, mold, PCBs, radon, and water quality to determine if the facility is compliant.

  • Cost and Forecasting


    My Facility Informer automatically generates:

    • Estimated repair/replacement costs for each deficiency
    • A geographic-specific, market-specific overall building replacement cost.

    These costs inform the Facility Condition Index (FCI) score that rates the overall condition of each facility.

Educational Adequacy Assessments

My Facility Informer’s Educational Adequacy Assessment lets you measure how well your structures support your educational model both inside the classroom and outside the facility.

Set standards by facility (elementary, middle school, and high school) and room type (gymnasiums, cafeterias, etc.). Understanding these components can help you set a budget that considers all parts and pieces of your educational environment.

Interior & Exterior

Assess educational adequacy both inside (sinks, acoustics, windows) and outside (playgrounds, traffic flow, egresses) your facilities to get a better understanding of where dollars should really be spent.

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Customize Questions

Customize default questions around topics ranging from parking to playgrounds to sinks and smartboards — the list is endless.

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Rating System

Rate your facilities against 12 comprehensive educational adequacy categories. A simple score of good, fair, or poor speaks to all levels of stakeholders.

The My Facility Informer App is Available for Apple™ and Android™ smartphones.

Access My Facility Informer anywhere, anytime, to assess a space or take a photo. Simple drop-down menus and easy navigation screens make assessing a breeze.

View all assessed spaces. Make adjustments to calculate capacity for your school and export reports.

Take complete control of your capacity calculations. Complete customization of utilization factor, square feet per student, and the number of cohorts for each type of facility.

Use the Admin Portal to provide detailed feedback about any aspect of the educational adequacy assessments.


A First-of-its-kind Dynamic Facilities Dashboard

More is not always better.

With a simple interface and intuitive design, My Facility Informer turns your complex data into information you can immediately understand and immediately use.


Speaks to Every Stakeholder

My Facility Informer was made for facilities assessors who want all the details, yes. But it was also made for other valuable stakeholders:

  • Semi-interested, voting community members
  • Involved parents who may not understand construction trades
  • Teachers and administrators who fully grasp their schools’ priorities
  • Legislators and public officials

Public and Administrative Accessibility

A Public View provides the transparency your stakeholders need to make informed decisions. 

And the tool’s user logins with varying administrative rights ensure that your non-public data stays secure.


District-Level View

The district-level view provides a high-level summary of the district’s most pressing priorities. 


Each facility is color-coded by the facility’s overall Facility Condition Index (FCI) and presented on a district-wide Google™ Map. 


This gives your stakeholders an easy way to see which schools are most in need across the district.

Facility Condition Findings

The Facility Condition Findings page shows a facility’s entire replacement cost as well as the costs of its individual identified deficiencies. 


The dashboard filters condition findings from 150+ data points down to 16 major categories that are color-coded to reflect their condition. 


In addition, each school’s landing page lists Priority Projects and Secondary Projects so stakeholders can see priorities by school.

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Educational Adequacy & Capacity

Educational Adequacy Assessments measure the extent to which a building is helping or hindering your current educational model.


The dashboard filters educational adequacy findings into major categories that are color-coded to reflect their condition and lists priority recommendations for enhancing the educational environment.


In addition, each school’s specific landing page shows that school’s current capacity as well as its optimal capacity.


Comprehensive Data View

Anyone who wants to view the extensive raw data collected on each building system can do so on the Facility Details page. This page provides a database-style view showing how each data point was assessed.

Facility Photos

You can display site-specific facility photos on the appropriate landing page to give your stakeholders accurate, real-time accounts of what is happening at each school.

District-level view with schools color-coded by their deficiency rating.

Individual campuses have their own landing page with high-level summaries.

Campus-specific stats, priority projects, and photos make the facility-finding page easy to share with the public.

Optimal capacity and recommendations to enhance the educational environment on the educational adequacy page.


Reflect What Matters Most in the Administrative Portal

We leveraged our work with thousands of districts across the country to create a baseline configuration for all your assessments. This is available in the Administrative Portal.

Customizable User Settings

Create and manage all your users and assessments to better understand how your buildings support your unique vision and programs.

Review and Finalize Assessments

Once the assessment data has been collected, you can easily review and verify it as a final check before submitting it to the dashboard. 

View assessor comments and notes, modify assessment ratings, and provide high-level summaries for all major systems.

Manage Users and Facilities

Easily create user profiles for your assessors, and they can begin completing assessments right away.

You can configure the tool to collect condition and capacity information by building by campus.

Calculate Facility Capacity

When calculating capacity, the devil’s in the details. The Administrative Portal provides a baseline for calculating your program and square footage-based capacities. 

Users can easily customize the factors that drive your capacity, ensuring locally relevant, equitable calculations for all schools in your district.

Customize Educational Adequacy and Surveys

My Facility Informer includes industry-standard surveys for educational adequacy and other important facility-related issues like Security, ADA Compliance, and IT. 

You can customize any of these surveys or questions to meet the unique needs of your schools.

Review notes from assessors, modify ratings for systems, and provide comments to be displayed to the public through the My Facility Informer Dashboard.

The Survey Management module lets you add new surveys and modify existing surveys or questions at any time.

Use the Capacity Management module to calculate capacities, adjust parameters, and export reports.

Rethink How You Manage Your School with My Facility Informer

We’re educational program and facility planners. We know how important it is to be able to truly assess all the variables that make up your school system.


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