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Redistricting Studies

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Change is Difficult, but We Can Help You Alleviate Community Anxiety

We understand that people love their schools, the fact that changes need to be made can be devastating to a community.

We provide an open process allowing stakeholders to share their feedback with decision-makers — helping justify decisions based on factual data making it easier for the community to support.

Mindful Approaches to Reduce Anxiety

Whenever you are doing this kind of process, the most common response you get from the community is “I’m not impacted so I don’t have an opinion”. It is very difficult to engage the community with this type of response.

We conquer these kinds of challenges by working upfront with the district about what the implementation changes are. Phasing changes in overtime, impacting small fragments of students year over year.

When you establish early on what the implementation challenges will be. you can then reduce anxiety by being upfront and honest about future boundary changes.
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Does the idea of having to rezone keep you awake at night?
There is a solution.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

By mapping students and attendance boundaries with the use of a GIS, we engage in redistricting accurately and efficiently. Information such as major thoroughfares and natural geography such as rivers play an important role in determining attendance boundaries.

Other determining factors can include bus ride times to demographic make-up of a school population. With GIS, these criteria are easily incorporated into a boundary plan.

Using custom-designed tools in GIS, we develop boundary scenarios quickly and precisely so that decisions can be made by administrators with confidence.

Different Ways We Can Help

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Community Input

Analyses that use community input as well as enormous amounts of data like; student enrollment projections, school facilities capacities, social and socio-economic characteristics of students, and transportation issues, to identify potential attendance boundaries. that minimize the disruption of students while maximizing the efficiency of school facilities.


Attendance Boundary Redistricting

Attendance boundary redistricting is a process used by school districts when it has become apparent that re-distribution of students among schools is necessary. This may be due to a variety of factors, including the opening of a new school, increasing or decreasing enrollment, housing trends, or balancing facility capacity.

Continual Feedback and Engagement

Our redistricting process is based on continual feedback and engagement with a school district’s administration. In order to ensure consistency with a school district’s goals and priorities, our staff communicates with the administration early in the process to establish a set of criteria to base potential boundaries. Such criteria may include, but not be limited to:

Boundary Criteria

  • Balanced utilization (enrollment vs. capacity)
  • Enrollment trends and projected growth
  • Clean feeder patterns
  • Educational programs
  • Socio-economic makeup of student bodies
  • Transportation costs

Planning Parameters

  • Proximity to school
  • Travel time
  • Program continuity
  • Educational programs
  • Facility utilization
  • Diversity

Meaningful Data

Our advanced technological capabilities enable us to demonstrate a variety of options to our clients. By mapping students and attendance boundaries with GIS, we display important information in an illustrative, meaningful way.

Using GIS, we incorporate criteria such as natural geography, bus ride times, and demographic make-up of a student population to develop boundary scenarios quickly and precisely.


Facility Master Plan

If you need a capacity assessment as part of a greater master plan or capital plan you may also be interested in some of our other services

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Navigating Your Education and Facilities Planning Journey is No Easy Task.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

From initial assessment and planning, to project funding, to full program management – we’ll help you create a unified strategy to stay on track, and we’ll be with you every step along the way.


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