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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


A Powerful Communication Tool

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) powerful ability to communicate complex special concepts puts it at the heart of nearly every planning process we provide school districts.

Our core planning team members have extensive experience applying long-established GIS practices and the ability to create products to adapt to any new situation.

Next-Level Service from Pioneers of GIS Technology

We pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in facility planning, and school districts nationwide are realizing the enormous benefits.

The combination of our traditional and non-traditional services allows for high-impact data collection and in-depth projection and analysis, meaning you get to reap a larger benefit from our study!
geopgrahic information system

Traditional GIS Work-Products We Provide

  • Attendance Zone Mapping
  • Utilization Mapping
  • Student Scatter Plots
  • Student Density Mapping
  • Live-Attend Mapping

Non-Traditional GIS Work Products

room utilization studies

Room Utilization Studies

We overlay a facility floor plan with room-by-room, period-by-period utilization based on master schedules

cumulative distance mapping

Cumulative Distance Mapping

an analysis that provides student counts and attributes by incremental cumulative distances away from facilities

internet mapping

Internet Access Mapping

a heat map based on internet access survey data


Internet Access Mapping

During the end of the 2019-20 school year as COVID-19 began posing significant challenges, we began using our GIS expertise to help schools study the availability of internet access for students the district serves.

First, we analyzed district-provided survey data that told us whether a family had internet, if the internet was adequate, or if they didn’t have the internet at all. We then translated this information onto a map to provide a visualization for the district.

CCS used the map to identify areas where they could provide individual hotspots to families, as well as areas where there was a large enough concentration of need that they could look at a more broad-based solution.

Our innovative GIS Mapping

will help you make data-driven decisions to equitize student access to remote learning during the current pandemic and thereafter!

Navigating Your Education and Facilities Planning Journey is No Easy Task.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

From initial assessment and planning, to project funding, to full program management – we’ll help you create a unified strategy to stay on track, and we’ll be with you every step along the way.


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