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Community Facilities Districts (CFD)

Community Facilities Districts

Responsibly Managing Taxpayer Dollars

In these trying times, it has become even more important for all local governments to be strong financial stewards and manage taxpayer dollars responsibly.

When special assessment districts or Community Facilities Districts (“CFDs”) is established by a lead agency such as a School District, Water District, Fire Authority, Mountain Road District, City, County, etc., the funding and revenue generated from them must be expended on specific purposes spelled out within their formation’s legal documents.

As levies for assessment districts and CFDs are being finalized, we encourage you to review the updates below and evaluate if their annual administration is up to par.

Community Facilities District Compliance

We assist with the creation of a specialized area, usually encompassing a proposed development, on which to impose set tax rates.

If funds are not being expended correctly, it opens up the agency and the officers in charge to public criticism and potential legal action. The more entities, the more difficult it is to track the various uses of funds.

We want you and your various stakeholders to feel confident that you are meeting your legal obligations and taking advantage of all the money available.

We encourage you to evaluate whether you are doing enough to connect with taxpayers to showcase transparency and financial responsibility, to ensure that funds and revenue generated from your CFDs or special assessment districts are being properly utilized.
financial responsibility

Community Facilities District Administration

We offer annual administration that includes:

  • Gathering, compiling, and tabulating data on parcel splits, map recordings, building permit issuances, and escrow closures
  • Calculating and enrolling special taxes or assessments
  • Tracking and collecting delinquent special taxes or assessments
  • Preparing and filing CDIAC and SEC secondary market disclosure reports
  • Performing arbitrage rebate computations
  • Responding to property owner inquiries

Navigating Your Education and Facilities Planning Journey is No Easy Task.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone!

From initial assessment and planning, to project funding, to full program management – we’ll help you create a unified strategy to stay on track, and we’ll be with you every step along the way.


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